Papa Roux


New Orleans is one of those places with its own pizzazz.  You can’t ever forget the place.  It just kind of tugs at your soul and gently calls for your return.  Cafe Du Monde is worth the trip alone for beignets and cafe au lait, but the city also boasts one of the greatest sandwich creations ever invented, the po boy.  Now, you don’t have to trek that far for one, thanks to Papa.  Papa Roux, now with a location at the city market, and their original location at 10th and Post, makes Po Boys that New Orleans and all of Louisiana are jealous of.  They have everything from smoked sausage to bbq pork to catfish and beef and a few other stops in between.  They have amazing cole slaw and the vouxdoux onions are worth the additional George.  The sides at 10th and post will wear you out and you will never walk away dejected.  These guys are grand slammers every time, personally and professionally.  Get to know the Papa, and be a part of the family.