Magick Skillet


I was at the Midas in Anderson recently talking to Tom, one of their managers.  He said that one of the best tenderloins around could be procured at the Mounds Mall food court. Now, I like food court food, but people need not mess around with the tenderloin.  It is a sacred art, especially in Indiana.  I was skeptical at best, and made a b-line for the mall.  I could not believe what I saw a few minutes later…an Indiana state-shaped tenderloin that had been rolled in flour, seasoning and potato chips.  My, my.  It is worth the drive.  These guys started their culinary creations in a flea market, and have upgraded to the food court.  They hope to have a food truck one day.  They can park that bad boy on the street in front of my house.  That’s what I’m talking ’bout.  (The chicken tenders are done the same way.  Take the family.)