About Us

BellyDiving exists to celebrate the small, local restaurant.  We seek out the places where the owner is often working behind the grill serving up meals that are fueled by their passion and talent.  Fresh, often seasonal food, in generous portions, served with love and enthusiasm.

There are a few things you need to know about BellyDiving:

We are about people.  Behind every meal and every review on this site is a story.  Along with reading the reviews, be sure to check the blog so you can read the “behind the scenes” stories about the good folks that we love.

We only review good restaurants.  You will not find a bad review in these pages.  If a place isn’t up to our standards, we will NOT include it on this site.  We rate only restaurants that provide delicious food, preferably in large quantities, and have an atmosphere of hospitality.  If it ain’t good, it ain’t here.

Our Ratings System.  BellyDiving rates places based on Food Quality (Flavorfactor), Food Quantity (Fat-Boy-Factor), and Atmosphere (Flairnessfactor).  We also give you the inside scoop on how hard it will hit your wallet (Frugalfactor).  You can find more info on these in our WIKI.  Because we only rate good restaurants, our rating scale is different than what you are used to.  As we launch our site, we use some of the American Film Institute’s greatest movie quotes of all time to define our rating system.

= “Yeah, Baby”

= “Go Ahead, make my day!”

= “You Complete me.”

= “To Infinity and beyond.”

= “We’re not Worthy!”


At bellydiving.com, we are here today, so you can be here tomorrow.

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