Egg Roll #1, Pho #1



Bellydiving is all about finding and enjoying the local and regional restaurants. We love to meet the owners and experience their passion for their style and for their particular delicacies. In all of my years of eating Asian food, I don’t know that I have ever found a nicer group of people than the owner and employees at Egg Roll #1, Pho #1 just off the interstate on Emerson Avenue in Beech Grove. They always greet you with joy as you walk in the door. If you turn to the right as you enter, you will be met by a wall of menu pictures. Each successive picture adds fuel to the flame of your appetite, and if you are like my friend Josh, you might end up with 4 meals, an appetizer and some Vietnamese iced coffee. I must admit that I might have been caught with more than one meal on an occasion or two myself.
The Pho Thai is downright amazing, and can be made extra spicy upon request. Their breaded chicken is out of this world and the coffee made with sweetened condensed milk and Cafe du Monde blend coffee with chicory is almost a necessity on every visit. It only takes a moment to become family at this restaurant, and there’s nothing like family. I’ll meet you there tomorrow at 11:01. ¬†We’ll sit in the corner.