Amazing Joe’s Grill

I was sitting at la casa de Josh and he was reading off the menus of a couple of restaurants that we had never experienced. Little did we know that it was going to be 4 hours and 43 minutes until the delicacies were going to grace our lips and satisfy the cravings of all those pent up fleeting visions of how something so magnificently described with words could actually morph into reality. We finally waltzed into Amazing Joes on the river and just off the Ball State campus in Muncie under the cover of darkness. We turned the corner into our 3-walled nook and Kait served up some sample peanut slaws that started the engines and whetted the appetite for the treasures that were about to be delivered to the table. Hailey ordered fried pickles, and they were most definitely on point. She also chose the chicken Mac and Cheese. I know what you’re thinking. Why would anybody choose Mac and Cheese When burgers had been on the brain for hours? You need to just leave Hailey alone, because she might be starting a tradition. That Mac and Cheese was slammin’. The only thing Hailey did wrong was only eat six bites. The rest of us ordered what we had been dreaming of since its description was first proclaimed from the leather couch on the south side of the living room. The Fugedaboutit comes complete with Angus beef, mozzarella sticks, steak-cut fries, onion rings, bbq sauce, cheese, bacon and a fried egg. There’s only one bad thing about thie burger…the experience ends way too soon. I would put this burger up against anyone’s culinary attempt to make a better burger. Pair it with the peanut slaw and you cannot go wrong. There is a rumor that an Amazing Joes might open a new location in Indianapolis. I would like to offer my house as a potential location.