Keystone Deli


2344 East 53rd Street

Well, if ya’ll don’t know by now, I am a southern boy who just did not like warm weather, so I married me a northern girl and transplanted myself North of the Mason-Dixon.  But, I do miss some things from the South.  There are these little breakfast joints that are open way too early and close just after lunch.  Some of them still serve their hearty wholesomeness on melmac.  I believe it does make food taste better for some reason, but it is not a pre-requisite for a fine dining experience.  These dives have their own feel, clientele and even their own smell.  The waitresses know how to care for customers and the cooks can flat sling it like no one else.  It’s a good thing I walked into the Keystone Deli, because I can take that nostalgic trip down south much closer to home.  There’s shortening in the biscuits and they will have to serve some of the breakfasts on 4 separate plates.  You might as well call it a buffet.  The pancakes are killer, the baked apples will make you want to call your mom, and you can choose from ham, Bacon, sausage…do I really have to say more? Get in your car, turn on you gastronomic positioning system and get going.  They close at 2.  Tell JFK and Sinatra I sent you.  They will treat you well.

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  1. Sounds awesome! A great find for any Southern transplant and good food for anyone from the north with discerning taste!

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