Ali’s Steak and Lemonade

Ali’s Steak and Lemonade at 25th and College is nestled between a wireless store and a convenient store behind the Citgo gas pumps. Ali is the owner and they have a $9.99 Super Philly special that comes with fries and a lemonade. There simply cannot be many better steak sandwiches West of South Street in Philadelphia. For you purists, you will not get any Cheese Whiz, but I don’t think you’ll miss it either. They have great mayonnaise, quality peppers, tomatoes, onions and provolone cheese. The fries can be sprinkled with your choice of lemon pepper or seasoned salt. The bread is also thrown on the grill, and heated perfectly. Don’t be fooled, either, because not all Steak and Lemonade restaurants are the same. Many of them never get that bread close enough to the grill. There’s not much more of a let down than preparing to bite into a pedestrian bun that was taken straight from a bag. Ali has a wonderful spirit, as do all of his employees, and he knows how to price his products. My daughter recognized that you could get ten macaroni and cheese bites for only $2.99. You already know that we ordered some, and they too hit the spot. I had told Ali that I had to be careful on my bread intake, and he said that he wanted me to see the Chicken Philly salad that they were making. I told him that that was not necessary and ordered a Steak Philly salad for only $5.99. It came with pickles, giardinera, jalapeƱos and hot banana peppers. I could eat that salad everyday. You simply cannot go wrong with their menu. Enjoy, and don’t forget to say shukran.