The Big Lug


You pull into the parking lot, and realize immediately that someone has got some serious taste and class.  The building itself invites you in the door.  The logo is brilliant and whisks through those days of yesteryear out on the trails of the mountains of the American West.  You remember how good, cold and refreshing the water is from a glacial stream when you used to ingurgitate from a southwestern-themed, wool-covered canteen.  As you enter the restaurant, the bright colors and modern graphics grab your attention. The booths are on the right, as you turn the corner, and my wife asked where we should sit.  I looked up, and there was Jesus from The Big Lebowski, and our seat was chosen.

The menu arrived at the table, and it was a full color onslaught of beauty, creativity and everything I could have wanted to eat for the next few weeks.  I even told Melissa that we might just want to rent a booth and move in.  I must stop for a minute and simply say that if you have ever liked cauliflower, and appreciate the joy it can bring when it is deep fried in spicy garlic sauce—I hope someone is reading the rest of this to you as you drive to the Big Lug. (Btw, if they are not currently open, you should stop reading until they are open and you can acquire some of this goodness for yourself.)

They have Nashville chicken, Italian beef sandwiches and a host of hamburgers, but their salads are where it’s at (yes, they come complete with two turntables and a microphone).  My eyes were drawn to the Hot Chop.  This salad has a sport pepper pesto, giardinera, pistachios, fresh basil and green tomatoes.  My wife interrupted my crooning to remind me that there was no meat on that salad.  No worries.  They sell Nashville hot wings, and they offer them in spicy garlic.

Their special menus are based off of pop culture, and the creativity is boundless. This is a fun place, with great servers, and I look forward to the next time I can drop by and enjoy their next offering.