Christine’s (Cincinnati)


We stuck around after class, enjoying some conversation while I relaxed with a sugar free latte from the Hilltop. We even met a fellow seminary student that revealed his desire to be a part of the solution for the rest of his life as he pursues a degree in social justice. When we left, we decided to take the slow road to the interstate. Glenway was congested, but dinner was waiting for us somewhere between the U and the interstate. The decision finally came as we were approaching the final stretch before dropping down the hill to I-74. Watch out Chinese buffet, because you are going to need to buy some more chicken. I got out of the car to check and see if they were open, because it looked a little dark inside, and the open signs were not illuminated. The sign on the door informed me that they were closed on Mondays.

The scene was rather sad: a large man walking away from the front door of a buffet dragging his spirit in the asphalt, dejected and hungry. It just wasn’t right. As we prepared to exit the shopping area, I saw the old Pizza Hut restaurant that had been re-purposed. The top section of the building proclaimed its new name as Christine’s, and I suggested that we could give it a shot. We returned turned to the strip mall via the next entrance and parked.  The restaurant was bustling with activity, and as we waited to be seated I noticed two flags in a picture on the ceiling. I knew one of them. I pulled out the old iPhone and googled some key words until I found the flag. It was the flag of the Philippines. I got really excited, and could not wait to see the menu, and it did not disappoint.  The menu was complete with American, Mexican and Philippine dishes. There was everything from all you can eat ribs to fajitas and pancit, but the appetizers were half-price for a few more minutes. I ordered the pork bbq skewers and Jerry orders the Philippino egg rolls. We ordered them at 1753, and had them by 1758. The place was packed, and I have no idea how they were able to serve them so fast. Both appetizers were top shelf amazing. The sauces were  succulent and we knew that return visits were already in the cards.

Our waitress was very attentive, and showed up at the right moment for our entree order. Then, it happened. Jerry had found found the mother lode As a matter of fact, I would like to nominate the Rural Jer for the Fine Dining International Guru of the Menu award.  Good luck to him for his sure-to-come  accolades).  There was a pick three option.  It was on. I ordered the pinto beans, hot slaw with bacon and a side salad. The food was on point. There was an abundance of flavor, and the boom boom sauce topped everything off with precision.  Other options included creamed peas, fried cabbage and cole slaw. They even have coconut soup.

I am so glad the Chinese buffet was closed on Mondays. Christine’s is amazing. You should stop by and get your fill.