Italian Gardens

I was rolling with Kabob and we decided to go East when we left the parking lot at Shepherd Community. Our stomachs were louder than my exhaust that definitely needs a little work, and we were trying to keep our commitment to eat local alive, but Olive Garden was about to draw our vehicle into the lot. Kabob said that Italian Gardens had re-opened, but we were jonesing for some never-ending soup, salad and breadsticks. As we approached the Gardens, the bright yellow sign began to glow as if it were a shard from the surface of the sun. It bellowed buffet, $7.99. My cars shocks were relieved as we exited the vehicle and the two of us were practically giddy with excitement. As we opened the door, we immediately noticed that the restaurant was remodeled, and we were greeted by the staff, but their sale was sealed and secured and guaranteed by the presence of pizza on the buffet. As we made our way through the line, we were presented with a plethora of magnificent and robust choices. There was soup, a spectacular salad that beats the competition because of its addition of pepperoni, and garlic bread that was buttered to perfection. The buffet included a baked spaghetti and spot-on meatballs, a baked ziti, and (insert drum roll) a chicken fettuccine alfredo that absolutely blew my mind. I even raised my hands to celebrate the victory of that immaculate reception. The restaurant is back to the original and Pizza Pete’s family is making him proud. Please stop in and meet the crew and enjoy some fantastic Italian cuisine.